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ConEmu – an alternative to the Windows Command Prompt

I have been using ConEmu and I have found it to be a real time-saver. It can be used for Git (instead of GitBash) or instead of the normal windows console Cmd, PowerShell, etc.

Here’s an example screenshot of the console window:
Git console window

It may seem very basic, but one of the features that I really like about ConEmu over GitBash or the Cmd prompt is the ability to resize the window easily and to have tabs for each shell that I have open. The tabs can be navigated by Windows+1, Windows+2, etc keys. So you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard. Additionally, you can open multiple split windows of different or the same types.

See the example image below:
Git console window

The reason I like this layout is to be able to switch to the MS CMD prompt (upper left), PowerShell (upper middle), or to use a second Git window (upper right) to compare with the Git window below. See the image below for positioning information. I’ll create a separate post in the future to show how to setup these windows. If you want to get started now, here’s a good source.
Git console window

To open a new window, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

    Control+Shift+O – open below existing window
    Control+Shift+E – opens to the right of the existing window
    Windows+Delete – closes a window

You can get pretty crazy with this if you wanted to:
Git console window

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